9 days in…no post-holiday purchases

9 days into the new year...

...and I haven't done any shopping for clothes 'cause all the clothes I need are in my closet.  I've embarked on a whole-food plant-based diet.  No more meat.  No more fish.  Bring on the beans and a head of lettuce!  Only the G-BOMBS for me:

G = greens

B = beans

O = onions

M = mushrooms

B = berries

S = seeds

Still Shopping?

If you're still shopping and buying pieces for your wardrobe in 2017, print out this little guide for yourself...maybe even laminate it and throw in your purse.  Go through this list when you're ready to buy.

What kinds of things are you doing in 2017 to change up your eating habits?  What's in your wardrobe that you really want to wear, but is still a big snug?