3 Ways to Organize Your Family…and keep them in-the-know!

With everyone in the house going a different direction these days, it's imperative to keep them all in-the-know...without the daily question "what's up for today?"  And, it's not just the kids who ask that question. You know who I mean.


My first line of defense is my old-school planner.  I order a daily planner every December from Costco's Photo Center online.  The planner is the root of all information for our family, where appointments are penciled in and parties and sporting events and activities and so much more.  All of this info then gets transferred to two key tools: the wall calendar and my Google calendar.


First Things First

Small sampling of my closet. Only wearing 1/3 of these tops everyday...the ones I can button without the peek-a-boo effect.
There are three women shacking up in my closet: a size 12, a size 10, and a size 8.  In 2017, I vow not to buy any clothes.  I don't need new clothes; I just need to fit into the ones I have!  So, I'm going on a diet of sorts.  I've already KonMari'd my closet, but I must confess that I didn't completely abide by what KonMari said to do: I didn't discard clothing that no longer fits.  I'm making 2017 the year that I fit into one of these women again.  Oh, I will go shopping in 2017, but in my closet! Come back and read about my journey....maybe you'll join me.