about me

I'm Helen, a product of the sandwich generation.  I'm right in the middle, sandwiched between kids and parents.  Being able to prioritize, organize and plan helps me juggle what comes my way.  I've worked with a number of people, from a Christmas decor hoarder to a gal living in her own inherited hoarder's paradise.  I am a work-in-progress: reducing my carbon footprint and working towards minimalism.  Maybe I can help you.


  • People who are organized...
    • earn more.
    • are happier.
    • achieve more.
    • are more relaxed, have lower blood pressure, and thereby are healthier.
    • save more money -- you'll always know what you have before you buy more.
  • Being organized is contagious -- kids learn and take cues once you have a system and are an example.

Here's what I can help you with...

  • clear, sort and organize all areas of your business and home (closets, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, storage, garage, etc.)
  • sort, organize and file papers
  • set-up filing systems
  • unpack and organize from a move
  • help to keep focused, on track and motivated to achieve all your organizing goals
Available in the San Francisco and Peninsula areas.