First Things First

Small sampling of my closet. Only wearing 1/3 of these tops everyday...the ones I can button without the peek-a-boo effect.
There are three women shacking up in my closet: a size 12, a size 10, and a size 8.  In 2017, I vow not to buy any clothes.  I don't need new clothes; I just need to fit into the ones I have!  So, I'm going on a diet of sorts.  I've already KonMari'd my closet, but I must confess that I didn't completely abide by what KonMari said to do: I didn't discard clothing that no longer fits.  I'm making 2017 the year that I fit into one of these women again.  Oh, I will go shopping in 2017, but in my closet! Come back and read about my journey....maybe you'll join me.