10 Items to Remove from Your Fridge

I'm guilty.  I like to put random items in the fridge.  For years, I put ground coffee in the fridge.  And, then of course there was my tray of nail polish.  And those batteries.  I've changed my ways though not only because these items were taking up precious space in my fridge, but also because they didn't need to be in the fridge.  Here's 10 items you can take out right now...
  1. BATTERIES - extreme temps can lessen their performance...find a room-temperature place for your batteries.  And, while you're at it, find an organizer to put your batteries in...it doesn't have to be fancy. I found this one at Joann's...it's actually for organizing embroidery floss.  I also store a small Philips screwdriver with my batteries just in case the battery compartment has a screw on it.
  2. BREAD - the fridge actually dries the bread out...keep about 4 days worth of bread out at room temperature and freeze the rest.
  3. COFFEE - the freezer and the fridge actually create condensation, which affects the flavor...get yourself a jar or some sort of airtight container and put your coffee in there and store with your coffee mugs.
  4. GARLIC - garlic is fine stored loosely in your pantry, but for about 2 months only.
  5. HOT SAUCE - like garlic, hot sauce can be stored in your pantry, and it will be good for up to 3 years.
  6. NAIL POLISH - never knew this but nail polish thickens when it's stored in the fridge...that's why my Cherries in the Snow didn't last long!  Storing nail polish at room temperature is fine and be sure it's away from direct sunlight.
  7. ONIONS - keep onions in their mesh bags (or a bag that allows for air circulation) in your pantry.  Be sure to keep your onions away from your potatoes as the potatoes emit moisture and gases that can cause the onions to rot.
  8. POTATOES - keeping potatoes in the fridge actually changes their flavor.  Instead, store them in your pantry in a paper - not plastic - bag.  Plastic bags trap moisture and speed decay.  Potatoes should last about 3 weeks.  See "onions" section above in #7 about storing potatoes with them.
  9. TOMATOES - store these on your counter out in the open.  To ripen, store tomatoes in a paper bag.  Storing tomatoes in your fridge makes them mealy, and there's nothing worse than a mealy tomato.
  10. WINTER SQUASHES - store these in your pantry...they'll last for about a month...acorn, butternut, delicata, spaghetti.
My next post will list out some things you should put IN the fridge.  What items do you put in the fridge that are not food?    

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