3 Ways to Organize Your Family…and keep them in-the-know!

With everyone in the house going a different direction these days, it's imperative to keep them all in-the-know...without the daily question "what's up for today?"  And, it's not just the kids who ask that question. You know who I mean.


My first line of defense is my old-school planner.  I order a daily planner every December from Costco's Photo Center online.  The planner is the root of all information for our family, where appointments are penciled in and parties and sporting events and activities and so much more.  All of this info then gets transferred to two key tools: the wall calendar and my Google calendar.


Every year, I order a very special wall calendar I found years ago: More Time Moms Family Organizer.  This calendar is made of good quality paper...when you use a felt-tip marker, the ink doesn't show up on the next month!  The calendar is bound by a spiral wire, like a school notebook.  The squares for each day are the same size for every day...including Saturday and Sunday...aren't those sometimes the busiest days of the week?!  Also included is a page of stickers for just about every event we moms come up against every year.  I fill up the squares with what's already been inputted into the old-school planner.  The calendar hangs on our bulletin board in the kitchen...there's no excuse for not seeing it.  The kids and the hubby know what's going on for the week, next week and even next month.  "When do we get out for Christmas break" is a question I don't hear anymore 'cause "it's on the calendar".

Google Calendar

Using the daily planner, I input everything again but this time into my Google calendar.  And, guess what...that Google calendar is synced up with hubby's Google calendar...with reminders!  There's no forgetting.  There's no not-knowing. Every Sunday, I do a quick compare of the 3 tools to ensure everything is syncing...at least for the next 7 days.  This approach has really helped to minimize that last-minute stress, and it's taught the kids about planning ahead and taking ownership of their time.

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